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Who We Are > Facility Guidelines

Cardio and Weight Room Rules

  • No one under the age of 12 is allowed in the cardio or weight room

  • Young adults ages 12, 13, and 14 must be within arm’s length of a parent and must have a release form signed by parent.

  • Young adults ages 15 and 16 may workout alone, but must have signed release form by parent. Must have approval of floor attendant or trainer on duty.

  • No food in cardio or weight room.

  • Only water allowed.

  • Proper workout attire only (NO OPENED TOED SHOES).

  • Behavior must be appropriate. Workout privileges will be revoked based on inappropriate and/or unsafe behavior.

Lap Lane Etiquette

  1. Be prepared to share lanes.

  2. Try to swim with people who have the same ability.

  3. Be cautious and courteous. Do not start directly in front or behind someone approaching the wall for a turn.

  4. Let others know when you are entering the lane.

  5. With two or more swimmers in a lane, circle swim. (Keep to the right.)

  6. To pass another swimmer, touch the person on the foot once during the lap. If you are touched on the foot, move quickly off to the side of the lane when you reach the wall and allow the person to pass.

  7. If you are resting or waiting at the end of the lane, move out of the way to allow other swimmers full use of the wall when turning.

Multi-Purpose Aquatic Center Rules

  1. Lifeguard is in charge at all times.

  2. No flips or diving.

  3. No running or rough play on the pool deck or in the pool.

  4. Children under 6 must be accompanied in the water, within an arm’s distance at all times by an adult 18 years or older.

  5. Before swimming in the deep end, you must pass a swim test and receive your wristband.

  6. Spitting, spouting of water and blowing nose in the pool is prohibited.

  7. No breath holding games or activities.

  8. No sitting, playing, or hanging out in the lane lines, ropes, or ladders.

  9. Lanes are for lap swimmers.

  10. Abusive or foul language is not allowed.

  11. No food, drinks, gum, glass, or sharp objects in the pool area.

  12. Swim suits must be worn at all times. No street clothes.

  13. No babies or toddlers allowed in pool without a swim diaper.

  14. No intimate contact in the pool.

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