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At the Odessa Family YMCA, our youth sports programs emphasize fun, participation, safety, teamwork, healthy competition and family involvement. Kids as young as 3-years-old can participate in specific sports programs. All teams are organized on a neighborhood basis as much as possible and will practice once or twice a week. All practice sites, days, and times for each sport are determined by the coach at the coaches workshop. Game equipment is provided and the rules are modified to accommodate the young athletes.

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Yearly Sports Calendar

The Odessa Family YMCA is proud to offer sports throughout the year including tee-ball, soccer, basketball, flag football and cheerleading. The Odessa YMCA Family is excited about our recent partnerships with NFL Flag and Jr. NBA for our apparel for our flag football and basketball seasons, respectively. We have two sessions of basketball the first takes place in the summer, while the second is in the fall. Tee-ball is currently offered in the summer, while soccer is offered in the spring. Flag football and cheerleading are offered at the same time in the fall.


Volunteers needed

We are always looking for volunteers to coach YMCA youth sports. You don’t need to be an expert. We focus on fun and fundamentals. If you are interested, contact Becky at (432) 362-4301 or

Youth Sports Benefits

There are plenty of benefits that go along with playing youth sports at the Odessa Family YMCA. Those benefits include developing self-esteem, healthy habits for life, making future leaders, developing teamwork and performing better in the classroom. The Odessa Family YMCA wants to ensure all children have the opportunity to be successful both phyiscally and mentally in life.

Training benefits

Regular participation in sports helps kids grow and maintain strong muscles and bones and improves cardiovascular health. For younger children, it can also build foundational motor skills such as balance and hand-eye coordination. Youth sports instill routine exercise and other healthy habits such as regular hygiene, healthy eating, and increased hydration into your child’s daily life — allowing them to learn and become accustomed to habits that will reduce the risk of lifestyle-related health issues both now and in the future.

Coaching benefits

Being a volunteer coach with the YMCA is much more than teaching X’s and O’s. You are somebody that the players look up to and try to emulate. They don’t see you as someone who will be responsible for one day leading them to the pros. What they see is somebody that they respect and admire. They don’t judge you on your in-depth knowledge of the sport, they judge you for your leadership and your ability to be a positive role model.

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